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Facebook Open Platform is a snapshot of the infrastructure that runs Facebook Platform. It includes the API infrastructure, the FBML parser, the FQL parser, and FBJS, as well as implementations of many common methods and tags.
Facebook的开放平台是一个快照的基础设施运行的Facebook的平台。它包括空气污染指数的基础设施, FBML分析器,分析器的FQL ,并FBJS ,以及实现许多共同的方法和标签。


You can also get the latest source code from the public svn repository.
Release Notes

Before you begin, please download and read the full release notes.

This release includes the API infrastructure, the FQL parser, the FBML parser, and FBJS, as well as implementations of many common methods and tags. We’ve included samples and some dummy data to help you get started fast.

Facebook Open Platform also has extensibility points built in so you can add your own functionality, such as your own FBML tags, API methods, etc.

A list of recommended operating systems and compilers for this installation process is on the Facebook Developers Wiki.

If you find a bug, please submit it to the Facebook Open Platform product category at http://bugs.developers.facebook.com/

We encourage you to give us feedback and to share your thoughts with other developers in the Facebook Platform Developer Forum at http://forum.developers.facebook.com
How Is This Licensed?

Facebook Open Platform (except for the FBML parser) is licensed under a Common Public Attribution License (CPAL), which follows the Mozilla Public License (MPL) with two additions:

1. That you include attribution to Facebook on any modifications.
2. That network deployment, or making modifications available over the network, counts as distribution, which makes the license appropriate for Web services.

You can find the CPAL here.

The FBML parser is licensed under the MPL. You can find the MPL here.
How Can I Contribute?

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If you’d like to contribute to Facebook Open Platform, please sign and return our Contribution Agreement. We’ll evaluate any submitted patches or features to decide whether they’d be strong inclusions into the overall Facebook Open Platform release. If we incorporate your changes, we’ll send you a t-shirt!
What’s Included in the Package?

The fb-open-platform.tar.gz archive contains the tools necessary to implement Facebook Open Platform — including the API, FBML (Facebook Markup Language), FBJS (Facebook JavaScript), and FQL (Facebook Query Language) — in your own environment. It also contains libfbml-1.2.0.tar.gz, which contains the essential libraries for parsing and rendering FBML.

Think this sounds like a fun thing to work on? Join the team.


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